11 reasons for alcohol-free

An alcohol-free lifestyle has numerous advantages and has a positive effect on the body and psyche. We don't want to talk any more about it and show you 11 reasons, and at the same time advantages, for an alcohol-free lifestyle. We are making it clear why alcohol-free and boredom do not have to have anything to do with each other!

1. You won't have a hangover!

Headache, sluggishness, stomachache. Nobody likes waking up with a hangover the next morning. With Laori Juniper No 1 you can have as many drinks as you want - without a hangover. need we say more? We don't think so.

2. You will become generally fitter and healthier!

Alcohol has a negative effect on our vital organs. An alcohol-free lifestyle can, for example, lower blood pressure and thus the risk of cardiovascular diseases. But our liver is happy too! Regular alcohol consumption can lead to fatty liver and inflammation. So try it non-alcoholic!

3. You remember everything!

It was a long evening, you drank a glass or two beyond thirst and there it was: the film tear. Whether it's just short gaps or the whole evening, it's never nice to wake up and not know what happened. With non-alcoholic drinks you can be part of every round and even remember the best moments the next morning.

4. You don't have to regret any uninhibited behavior!

Be it drunk texts to your ex or some other embarrassment, no one wakes up the next morning happily thinking about the awkward things they did the night before. So that you don't have to panic when you get up, try the alcohol-free alternative.

5. You'll sleep better!

Contrary to numerous myths, alcohol reduces the quality of sleep because it confuses our sleep phases. As a result, we wake up the next day, neither mentally nor physically rested, despite sufficient sleep!

6. You will have more energy!

This brings us to the next point: Alcohol not only deprives your body of water, but also of energy. Those who squeeze in alcohol-free weekends more often will feel more rested and relaxed throughout the week - and be more productive as a result.

7. Your skin will glow!

Alcohol has a negative effect on the complexion. This is shown by pale skin or a puffy face. If you reach for non-alcoholic drinks, your mirror will show you a fresh and radiant complexion! Mirror, mirror on the wall, alcohol-free, I'm the most beautiful of them all.

8. You'll get leaner!

Alcohol is a real calorie bomb. A gram of pure alcohol contains 7 calories (for comparison: a gram of sugar has 4 calories). In addition, alcohol also slows down fat burning. So all in all: living alcohol-free helps you lose weight!

9. You no longer have to fear craving attacks!

Although alcohol is very high in calories, it does not fill you up. This is because it contains so-called empty calories and does not contain important substances such as vitamins. As a result, many people develop ravenous hunger attacks after drinking alcohol, and the bar evening often ends with the kebab shop on the next corner!

10. You become more emotionally stable!

Even though we often associate alcohol with having fun and being in a good mood, it depresses our spirits in the long run. It influences chemical processes in our brain and acts like a sedative. So if you switch to non-alcoholic alternatives, you'll be in a better mood in the long run.

11.You will save money!

Alcohol costs money! But then there are all the unnecessary things that you buy while you're intoxicated, be it the fourth drink that you don't really need anymore, or the overpriced pizza because you get cravings. If you save on alcohol, you save twice! And no kidding, drunk shopping is a thing! The market for shopping while intoxicated is worth billions, according to Forbes Magazine!

Hungry for something non-alcoholic?

In the magazine you will find recipes and inspiration for non-alcoholic drinks with our Laori Juniper No 1 - without a hangover! How about a delicious Laori & Cherry Blossom Tonic, for example? You can find the recipe here.