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Article: 5 podcasts to get you through Dry January

Mikrophon und Hände auf Tastatur

5 podcasts to get you through Dry January

Dry January has now been going for over a week and we know it's going to get harder and harder to stick to your goals from now on. To help you get through Dry January, we are presenting 5 podcasts today that deal with the topic of "alcohol-free living" and provide helpful food for thought and inspiration. Why exactly podcasts? Podcasts are indispensable nowadays. You can play them anywhere and anytime: while cooking, cleaning up or even while mixing non-alcoholic drinks.

1. Try Dry: the podcast

The official Try Dry podcast provides additional inspiration and ideas to help you get through Dry January. Each week in January, host Lauren Booker, author of Try Dry: The Official Guide to a Month Off Booze, is joined by a guest to talk about all things alcohol has to do and guides you through your dry January. Let's go and listen - you can find the podcast here!

2. ex&hopp – Non-Alcoholic Challenge

In the ex&hopp podcast, the creators, Tim Chimoy, Anna Tereschüren and Martin Eckardt, talk to different people about alcohol or abstaining from alcohol. It's about conscious alcohol breaks, inspiring experiences and scientific facts about the topic "alcohol-free". Listen to iTunes and Spotify

3. Without alcohol with Nathalie

In the podcast "Ohnealkohol mit Nathalie" by Nathalie Stüben, people who no longer drink alcohol have their say. She also speaks to people who have heightened Nathalie's understanding of the consequences that alcohol has on our economy, health and society. The podcast will change how you think about alcohol and maybe encourage you to drink less or go alcohol-free entirely. The podcast is this way.

4. Sober Curiosity - happy without alcohol

Over the last few years, there has been a trend against alcohol consumption. "Sober Curiosity" is the name given to it by the Zukunftsinstitut. Literally translated it means "the curiosity of sobriety". WDR 5 reporter Anita Horn found out exactly what that looks like and who is dry or who is trying. You can easily listen to the podcast here.

5. Living smarter - living alcohol-free: How Susanne Kaloff learned to be high even when sober

In this episode of the Spiegel podcast "Smarter Living", the author Susanne Kaloff talks about the numerous reasons that speak in favor of an alcohol-free lifestyle and gives tips on how to get drunk without alcohol. In Susanne's latest book, "It was drunk not so good when you're sober," she tells us what life tastes like when you're sober and what moods feel like without anesthesia or enhancers. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes and Spotify!

Can you go alcohol-free with a full taste?

We say: definitely! An alcohol-free lifestyle doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite drinks. With Laori Juniper No 1 you can easily enjoy your cocktail classics non-alcoholic - without a hangover the next morning. You got thirsty right away, but you lack the inspiration? Here we have 4 drinks for you that will help you get through Dry January.