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Article: Laori Basil Smash

Laori Basil Smash

Laori Basil Smash

The Gin Basil Smash has made it: since it was created in 2008, the bright green cocktail has been riding a wave of success that has reached as far as Asia, America and Australia. Having grown up through social media, it has its origin in Hamburg, more precisely in the bar Le Lion. The owner Jörg Meyer created the Gin Basil Smash in 2008. At about the same time Hariolf Sproll, owner of the Ulmer Bar blueprint also developed a Gin Basil Smash creation. The question of who came first can be answered as easily as with the chicken or the egg. Incidentally, Jörg Meyer left open the name of the cocktail with basil in his recipe publication: In addition to Gin Basil Smash, there was still an option Gin Pesto to choose from. The former has of course established itself.

Recipe Gin Basil Smash non-alcoholic


  • 6 cl LaoriJuniper No 1
  • 3 cl lemon juice
  • 2 cl sugar syrup
  • 8-10 basil leaves
  • Ice cubes
Glass & Deco
  • Tumbler and fresh basil leaves for decoration

In just a few steps, you'll have an alcohol-free Gin Basil Smash in your hand:

  • Put the handful of basil leaves in the cocktail shaker and crush the leaves with a pestle so that they develop their aroma
  • Then Laori Juniper No 1, lemon juice and sugar syrup with ice cubes in the shaker give and shake well
  • Retain the ice in the shaker with a strainer and strain the alcohol-free Laori Basil Smash into the glass through a strainer or fine kitchen sieve.
  • Serve with 2-3 fresh basil leaves and enjoy!

What is a smash?

For those who are wondering what the smash is all about: Smash means when the components of the cocktail are crushed and squeezed with a pestle in a shaker or in a mixing glass with circular and pressing movements. We will now show you how you can enjoy the cocktail with gin and basil without alcohol: refreshing, delicious and without any intoxication. Then nothing stands in the way of rounds 2, 3 and 4.

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