Laori and sustainability

At Laori we are actively committed to our environment and future generations. For this reason, we are committed to continuously reducing the ecological footprint of the Laori Juniper No 1. Right from the start, it was important to us to act regionally and responsibly in all areas.

The four pillars of sustainability are what count most for us. These are economy, ecology, social affairs and culture. This means that we protect our environment and nature while working justly, fairly, ethically and transparently. We don't rest on our laurels, but work on constantly improving ourselves.

Our Vision

Our vision for the next few years is to minimize our footprint in order to preserve a livable planet for future generations. It is particularly important to us to become a climate-positive company. Climate-positive means that more CO2 is offset than was caused.

Climate neutral packaging

If you order your Laori Juniper No 1, it will be shipped plastic-free, in recycled packaging without filler, with DHL Go Green. We also made sure that our label was as sustainable as possible. Our bottles are therefore covered with a label made of eco-friendly paper, which is certified and unbleached. This means that our packaging is almost plastic-free. Why only almost? Unfortunately, our last plastic pain is our sealed capsule. However, we have good news for you, because this capsule will soon be replaced by a paper seal. This would mean that not only our shipping, but also our packaging would be completely plastic-free. For us another and above all important step towards more sustainability.

Reusable packaging

You probably already know it, but we'll mention it again anyway: our bottles are made of glass and have a wooden screw cap. This makes them perfect for upcycling, as you can easily reuse them and of course also use them for cool craft ideas. How about a cool Laori Juniper No 1 lamp, for example? There are no limits to your creativity here.

Organic ingredients

The best quality of our raw materials is important to us. For you, but also for nature. That's why we only use selected organic herbs for our distillates. This is not only better for the environment, but also tastes much more intense. Botanicals such as juniper, rosemary and cardamom give Laori Juniper No 1 its typical gin taste.

With the ingredients of the Laori Juniper No 1, we also focus on short distances. Our organic raw materials are grown in France and processed fresh. In general, we don't use any ingredients that we can't explain and ingredients that we can't pronounce have no place in our Laori Juniper No 1. We also do without artificial flavors and the addition of sugar.

We do not have organic certification for our Laori Juniper No 1 because we need to add preservatives. They improve durability and you have more of your Laori Juniper No 1. Food safety, and therefore your safety, is more important to us than organic certification.

Transparency is very important to us

At Laori we focus on quality instead of quantity - and on transparency! You can read exactly what's inside on our bottles and on our website.All our ingredients and a nutritional value table with the most important information are printed. It only contains what is on the label.

This also sets us apart from products containing alcohol. Why, you ask yourself? In contrast to other packaged foods, alcoholic beverages with more than 1.2% alcohol by volume do not require a list of ingredients or nutritional information. Weird, is not it? Well, with us it says what's inside. So with Laori, you know exactly what you're getting!

Laori relies on short distances

At Laori we try to keep our production radius as small and regional as possible. We have therefore opted for the shortest possible route for all production steps. This starts with our bottles produced in Europe and continues with our raw materials, which are grown and processed for us in France.

We work together with a small farm and distillery that owns energy self-sufficient houses. This means that they use their own locally available energy carriers and sources instead of being dependent on external energy suppliers. This means that our raw materials are produced with 100% natural electricity!

Finally, our Laori Juniper No 1 is mixed into a finished product and bottled in a small company in Brandenburg, very close to Berlin.

Our social responsibility

With Laori, we are making a significant contribution to social change towards less alcohol consumption. In this way we create a pleasure experience that is of equal value, healthy and without any harmful effects on our society.

Our goal is an inclusive society in which everyone can participate - with or without alcohol! We want the bar culture to continue in the future, regardless of alcohol consumption.

Where do you get your Laori Juniper No 1?

You already have Laori Juniper No 1 at home, but you lack the drinkspiration? How about, for example, a delicious Laori Mule with ginger and thus perfect for the cool autumn days?