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Article: Top 5 non-alcoholic drinks for the Christmas days

Alkoholfreie Drinks für Weihnachten

Top 5 non-alcoholic drinks for the Christmas days

Christmas is just around the corner and we know it: the festival of contemplation quickly becomes the festival of unconscious drinking. If you want to celebrate the holidays alcohol-free, you are faced with a problem: What can you drink?

With Laori Juniper No 1, that's no longer a question! Today we show you five delicious drinks that you can easily spend an alcohol-free Christmas with. Without sacrificing taste and without a nasty hangover the next morning.

1. non-alcoholic Negroni - Lagroni

The non-alcoholic Negroni, the Lagroni, is a drink that is easy to mix. It is considered the great-grandfather of the Aperativo family and is characterized by its bitter sweetness and citrusy taste. The advantage of Lagronis: as an aperativo, it helps to stimulate your appetite and open your stomach. Therefore, the Lagroni should not be missing from your Christmas party! You can find the instructions here.

    2. non-alcoholic gin & tonic – Laori & Tonic

    The Gin & Tonic is probably the best known and most popular gin long drink ever. With Laori Juniper No 1 you can enjoy the classic without alcohol and without a hangover! It's perfect for Christmas time as it's super easy to make. In addition, you definitely have oranges at home, which are perfect for decoration! To prepare, just this way.

      3. non-alcoholic espresso martini

      The espresso martini is one of the great bar stimulants! If, like every year, you have eaten too much, he will help you out of your eating coma. It is characterized by its fine, balanced taste and the delicate bitterness of the espresso harmonises perfectly with the sweetness of the sugar. The lovely, hot aromas of juniper and cardamom round off the taste of the alcohol-free espresso martini! We'll show you how the espresso martini is prepared here.

        4. Non-Alcoholic Roasted Hazelnut Sour

        Nuts belong to Christmas, like alcohol-free to Laori No 1! That's why the non-alcoholic Hazelnut Sour should not be missing from our list of the best non-alcoholic drinks for the holiday season. With this drink you will experience your Laori Juniper No 1 in a completely new way: the spiciness of the Laori No 1, the mild acidity of the lemon juice and the nutty aromas of roasted hazelnuts harmonize perfectly ! We'll show you here how you can easily prepare the Hazelnut Sour at home.

          5. Non-Alcoholic French 75

          The French 75 is a true cocktail classic! With Laori Juniper No 1 you can also enjoy your French 75 alcohol-free! It's perfect for toasting and celebrating together. The fresh kick of the lemon juice plays perfectly with the effervescence of the non-alcoholic champagne. The good thing: no matter how many times you toast, you'll wake up after the party without a hangover! We'll show you how the French 75 works here.

          Have you been craving non-alcoholic drinks?

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