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Article: What's the point of alcohol-free month?

Was bringt ein Monat alkoholfrei überhaupt Text auf Tafel

What's the point of alcohol-free month?

We've made it through about half of Dry January and you're probably wondering: what kind of improvement has this brought me? What effects can I even expect within a month? Is that enough time to already see positive effects? We provide you with the answers and show you when the first improvements in giving up alcohol become visible and how much a one-month alcohol break brings you.

What positive effects have occurred after the first week?

The first effects are already noticeable within the first week of abstaining from alcohol. These are better and deeper sleep and increased performance. Your liver has also started to recover as it immediately breaks down stored fats. These effects became even more apparent in the second week!

What happens after a month without alcohol?

A research by the University of Sussex from 2018 showed the positive effects of the participants after the Dry January. In addition to improved sleep (71%), increased energy (67%) and ability to concentrate (57%), more than half of the participants also reported more radiant skin (54%) and reduced weight (58%). Overall, 70% stated that they noticed a general improvement in their health.

In addition to the physical effects, numerous mental changes could also be identified. The Dry January therefore helps to rethink one's own relationship to alcohol (82%) and to gain more control over one's own drinking behavior (80%). Participants also learned more about when and why they drink (76%) and realized they don't need alcohol to have fun (71%). In general, giving up alcohol makes you emotionally more stable, as it depresses mood over time and influences chemical processes in our brain.

Is it possible to go alcohol-free without sacrificing enjoyment?

We say: definitely! An alcohol-free lifestyle no longer means that you have to give up pleasure. With Laori Juniper No 1 you can easily enjoy your drinks non-alcoholic - without a hangover the next morning. Here we have 4 drinks for you that will help you get through Dry January.