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Article: What exactly is Dry January?

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What exactly is Dry January?

  1. Where does the term/month come from?
  2. What are the reasons for participating in Dry January?
  3. Does participating in Dry January mean that you have to give up enjoyment?

The new year is just around the corner. Before the time comes, there is often a lot of drinking! December is a very alcoholic month for most of us: mulled wine during Advent, beer, wine and sparkling wine during the Christmas holidays and cocktails on New Year's Eve! An alcohol-free month would be appropriate, right? How fitting that December is followed by Dry January!

The New Year's resolution to drink less alcohol is not new. However, Dry January is about completely abstaining from alcohol for the entire month!

Where does the term/month come from?

The idea of ​​abstaining from alcohol has been around for a long time: in the 1940s, the Finnish people were already being encouraged by their government to give up alcohol completely at the beginning of the new year.

Dry January as we know it today, however, comes from Great Britain. There has been a call for dry January since 2013. At that time, 4,000 Britons tried to give up alcohol for a month. Today it is a global event and according to the market research institute Yougov, one in five Americans wanted to take part in Dry January in 2020.

There is a deeper reason behind the UK call for Dry January. Alcohol is the leading cause of death there for people between the ages of 15 and 49! But Germany is also a high-consumption country, since everyone over the age of 15 drinks an average of 10.9 liters of alcohol per year.

Dry January draws attention to drinking consciously and provides food for thought for the rest of the year! It helps to rethink and redefine one's relationship with alcohol. Others see Dry January as a test of willpower!

What are the reasons for participating in Dry January?

1. Your overall physical health will improve

Alcohol has a negative effect on all of our organs. Avoiding alcohol lowers your blood pressure and thus the risk of cardiovascular disease. Your liver will thank you too. Regular alcohol consumption often leads to fatty liver or inflammation. An alcohol-free month based on the motto "Give your liver a break!" can therefore do no harm.

2. You will sleep better and be fitter

You may know that drunk feeling makes you fall asleep faster. But be careful, alcohol does not improve your sleep. On the contrary: it messes up your sleep phases, which is why you wake up the next morning neither mentally nor physically refreshed. That brings us to the next point: reduced energy! Alcohol not only dehydrates you, but also robs you of energy. You've probably noticed it before: you wake up thirsty and completely lacking in energy. An alcohol-free month will therefore help you to start the new year more rested and productive.

3. Your skin will glow

We just touched on it: drinking alcohol removes water from your body. This also affects your skin. Pale skin or a puffy face are the result of alcohol. Therefore, the Dry January favors a radiant complexion!  

4. It helps you lose weight

Alcohol influences our weight in several ways.It's a true calorie bomb! A gram of pure alcohol contains 7 calories, which is 3 calories more than a gram of sugar. On top of that, alcohol slows down your fat burning process. But that's not all: even if alcohol is very high in calories, it doesn't fill you up. This quickly leads to ravenous hunger attacks and the bar evening often ends at the next snack bar around the corner. So if you've decided to watch your weight for the new year, abstaining from alcohol will help you.

5. It will help you save

If you try to give up alcohol for a month, you save twice. Alcohol costs money! Add to that all the unnecessary stuff you buy while high. Be it the fourth drink or the overpriced pizza because you get cravings. And no joke: drunk shopping is a thing. There is a billion dollar market for online shopping when you are in a rush. In the US, for example, drunk shoppers spend nearly $40 billion annually. The number is also high in Germany. So try yourself alcohol-free in the new year.

Does participating in Dry January mean giving up enjoyment?

Our answer is: absolutely not, because not drinking alcohol does not mean giving up enjoyment!

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