Our vision

For us, sustainability means that we humans live in harmony with nature. We are responsible for preserving them carefully for future generations and for acting responsibly along the entire value chain. Our vision to fundamentally change the beverage industry starts with the best ingredients and goes through production to packaging. We are at the beginning and need people like you who live consciously and change the world together with us. Because every step counts on the way to a more conscious future.


The quality of our raw materials is the focus of Laori. We only create a unique product with the best ingredients. That's why we only use raw materials of the highest quality, avoiding artificial flavors and unnecessary ingredients.


Laori is made as locally as possible. All herbs and spices are grown and freshly processed by our partner in France. Then Laori is mixed regionally in the area around Berlin.


Unlike alcoholic beverages, Laori lets you know exactly what's in it. Only what is written on it is in it. In addition to the ingredients, we also show the nutritional information on the bottle.


Our shipping is completely plastic-free and we do without unnecessary fillers. This is how we reduce the amount of waste, because less material means fewer components, less waste. For transport we use DHL GoGreen.


We reduce our packaging to a minimum. That's why the Laori bottle is designed for reusability and the label is kept as small as possible. This is how we reduce our impact on the environment.