Laori Juniper No 01 (0.5l) in an elegant gift box


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Giving a treat with the elegant gift box from Laori has never been easier. The high-quality gift packaging for the Laori Juniper No 1 makes something for every occasion and is a real eye-catcher. So you can make a real pleasure with the non-alcoholic alternative to gin. Botanicals such as juniper, cardamom and rosemary give Laori No 1 its unique aroma, which is reminiscent of gin and tastes best mixed as a Laori & Tonic. Enjoy together.


Water, herbal and spice distillates, natural juniper aroma, thickener pectin, acidifier malic acid, preservative potassium sorbate, sweetener steviol glycosides.

Nutritional information per 100ml
Calorific value 13 kJ / 3 kcal
Fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugar, protein, salt 0g each

Non-alcoholic juniper base for cocktails and long drinks

Alcohol content: below 0.5%

Shelf life unopened for half a year.
Once opened use within 12 weeks.



With Laori Juniper No 1 you can mix drinks that taste like gin & tonic and get that bar feeling right at home. Spicy notes of juniper and rosemary meet the citric freshness of bergamot. You can easily mix any gin-based cocktail and long drink alcohol-free, because it is not intended for pure enjoyment. You can find recipe inspiration
in our magazine.

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A new manufacturing process was specially developed for Laori Juniper No. 1, which is derived from French perfume distillation. The smell and taste of gin is simulated in a natural way. Eight selected botanicals such as juniper, cardamom and rosemary are distilled particularly gently with steam. The result is a taste that makes you forget that Laori No 1 is non-alcoholic.

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I stopped drinking alcohol 5 years ago because I couldn't tolerate it anymore. Suddenly I ran out of good drinks when going out and at parties. The alternatives were too sweet and boring for me with sodas, non-alcoholic juice cocktails and water. "I just want a Gin & Tonic without alcohol," I exclaimed. I couldn't let go of the idea and we developed the delicious Laori drinks.

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Laori contains less than 0.3% residual alcohol by volume. Laori is only drunk mixed in a drink. Therefore, the alcohol content is significantly reduced. A Laori & Tonic contains only 0.06 percent alcohol by volume. That's less than a glass of apple juice. Up to 0.3 percent is allowed here. In grape juice even up to 1.2%. Incidentally, 0.0% products may contain up to 0.03% alcohol. Completely abstaining from alcohol is therefore a real challenge. You can find out more in the magazine.

Laori was developed for mixing drinks and is not intended for pure enjoyment. The Perfect Serve for Laori is available as a non-alcoholic spritz with Laori sparkling sparkling wine or tonic water. You can easily mix any long drink and cocktail that contains an aperitif with Laori without alcohol. You can find recipe inspiration in our magazine.

Yes. We always try to source all raw materials as closely as possible. Our radius goes from Berlin via Brandenburg to southern France. So we produce lovingly by hand near Berlin in a small factory in a small village. Most of the herbs and spices are organically grown and freshly distilled in France. We get exotic spices from our same partner, who also has a farm in Sri Lanka and Morocco.


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