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Article: Lagroni



  1. What is a Negroni?
  2. What does a non-alcoholic Negroni taste like?
  3. How do you mix a non-alcoholic Negroni?
  4. When do you drink a Negroni?
  5. What does “Finger Stirred Negroni” mean?

What is a Negroni?

You can fill entire books about the Negroni cocktail. No wonder, because the drink has a history that goes back over 100 years. This makes him considered the great-grandfather of the Italian Aperitivo family. As the story goes, an Italian count returned from America in 1919 after his adventures. At a bar in Florence, he requested a more heavily blended “Americano,” which consisted of Campari, vermouth and a splash of soda water. The barman who served him, Fosco Bruno Sabatino Scarselli, grabbed a bottle of gin instead of water, et voilá: the Negroni was born!

What does a non-alcoholic Negroni taste like?

A Negroni is a bittersweet temptation! It is characterized by an intense, citrusy taste, which is accompanied by a symbiosis of sweet and bitter notes. The whole thing is rounded off with the fresh herbal kick of the gin.

With Laori Juniper No 1 we'll conjure up your perfect non-alcoholic Negroni and hangover-free. It is the fluid interface between after work and nightlife. It combines light sweetness with refreshing bitterness and conjures up a red that screams summer in your glass. The alcohol-free Negroni is pure dolce vita and easy to mix.

How do you mix a non-alcoholic Negroni?

There are two ways to mix a non-alcoholic Negroni: the classic version with non-alcoholic Campari, vermouth and gin or the quick version for at home, the Lagroni.

Ingredients classic version

  • 3 cl Laori Juniper No 1
  • 3 cl non-alcoholic red vermouth
  • 3 cl non-alcoholic Campari
  • Ice cubes

Ingredients Quick version for the Lagroni

Glass & Decoration

  • Tumbler glass and fresh orange zest


  • Put ice cubes in the tumbler glass
  • Add
  • Laori Juniper No 1, non-alcoholic vermouth and Campari or add Laori Juniper No 1 and with San Bitter infuse
  • Stir once and garnish with fresh orange zest. Enjoy!

When do you drink a Negroni?

The Negroni is an aperitif or pre-dinner drink. The idea is that you drink something strong before eating to stimulate your appetite. This idea of ​​the pre-dinner drink comes from America. However, the Negroni comes from Italy and is therefore defined by its bitter notes. These not only harmonize perfectly with salty starters, but are also said to whet your appetite. Your Negroni tastes just as good at the bar at night as it does as an aperitif!

What is a Finger Stirred Negroni?

Bartenders are often asked whether you stir a Negroni with your finger. Even if it sounds unsavory, there is a good reason for it: bartending legend Garry “Gaz” Regan! He once had to mix 20 Negronis in a few minutes and in the rush he simply used his finger to stir. This has been his signature move ever since! If you want to feel like the bartender legend himself, we recommend giving it a try - just maybe not when you're making drinks for your friends.

Are you really thirsty?

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