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Article: Laori & Tonic

alkoholfreier Gin & Tonic mit Laori No 1

Laori & Tonic

  1. What is a Gin & Tonic?
  2. Alcohol-free Gin & Tonic with Laori – what does it taste like?
  3. How do you mix a non-alcoholic gin & tonic?
  4. Which tonic is best?
  5. Twists of the non-alcoholic Gin & Tonics

    What is a Gin & Tonic?

    Gin & Tonic is probably one of the most famous and popular long drinks ever. What began as the so-called gin boom has now continued uninterrupted for almost ten years. A Gin & Tonic is one of those drinks where the name and recipe are the same. The classic combination of gin and tonic water has existed for over 100 years. This makes it a simple drink and a great classic. Maybe that's why Gin & Tonic is the Queen's favorite drink! It should not be missing from any good bar menu - and of course not in your bar at home either!

    With our Laori Juniper No 1 you can easily enjoy this classic drink without alcohol - without losing any of the taste and of course without a hangover!

    Alcohol-free Gin & Tonic with Laori – what does it taste like?

    Our Laori Juniper No 1 combines fine aromas, such as the full-bodied spice of juniper, the citrusy freshness of cardamom and mild notes of rosemary. This tangy, fresh flavor symbiosis unfolds in our alcohol-free Gin & Tonic. The different tonic water variants change the taste. However, one thing can be said: no matter what, it tastes like summer! You remember the warm temperatures and the relaxing evenings spent in the garden or on the balcony.

    Everything about this drink screams refreshment. Thanks to the exciting combination of sweet-bitter tonic and complex Laori Juniper No 1, your Laori & Tonic will never be flat or boring. It is the perfect symbiosis of a strong drink and absolute refreshment. The Laori & Tonic is a world-class long drink with which you will experience Laori Juniper No 1 in a completely new way.

    How do you mix a non-alcoholic gin & tonic?

    Have we made you thirsty? Then it's now time for us to show you how to mix an alcohol-free version of Gin & Tonic with Laori Juniper No 1.

    alkoholfreier Gin & Tonic


    Glass & Decoration

    • Tumbler glass and a fresh rosemary sprig or orange zest for decoration


    • Fill glass with ice cubes
    • Pour Laori Juniper No 1 with tonic water
    • Garnish with a fresh rosemary sprig or orange zest. Enjoy!

    Our special tip for tonic water: If you pour it slowly over the bar spoon style, the carbonation lasts longer!

    Which tonic is best?

    The question of all Gin & Tonic questions - none is asked more often. The best advice: Don't make a science out of it. Especially if you're just getting into the topic. There is no right or wrong here and it is important to try as many combinations as possible to find your favorites. How about a Laori & Cherry Blossom Tonic?

    Regardless of which tonic you end up using, the following applies: use small glass bottles instead of large PET bottles. With PET the carbon dioxide is gone after the third opening at the latest and glass bottles are even more sustainable.

    The next question comes up: How much tonic does it contain in the best case scenario? We say: Drink your Laori & Tonic the way you like it and never let anyone dictate anything to you. In the end, it is more important to choose a tonic that tastes good to you and harmonizes with Laori Juniper No 1. However, exactly how much of it you use is simply a gut feeling.

    Variations of the non-alcoholic Gin & Tonics 

    How do you give your Laori & Tonic a completely unique touch or push it a little more aromatically? There are dozens of options for this, but these are the simplest and therefore most popular, especially in the home bar:

    • Gin spices: Also called “botanicals”, just like the ones used to distill the gin. You simply add suitable spices, such as juniper berries or rosemary sprigs, to the glass.
    • Tea infusions: Put gin in a glass and hang a tea bag in it for about three minutes. Tea bag out, tonic on. Especially with fruit teas, this gives beautiful color effects and a completely new dimension aromatically. The taste is more classic than fruit tea with Earl Gray tea - this gives your Laori & Tonic a mysterious dark color and harmonizes perfectly with the bergamot used in Laori No 1.

    More non-alcoholic cocktails in the salon

    Do you really want to try more tonic variations? Then try Laori Blossom, with Elderflower Tonic. Floral, fruity, delicious - the recipe can be found here.