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Article: Alcohol-free Gin & Cherry Blossom Tonic - enjoy with Laori No 1

Gin & Cherry Blossom Tonic, alkoholfrei mit Laori No 1

Alcohol-free Gin & Cherry Blossom Tonic - enjoy with Laori No 1

Gin & Tonic goes pink! The Laori & Cherry Blossom Tonic is a variation of the classic Gin & Tonic and is just as easy to prepare. With the Cherry Blossom Tonic you will immerse yourself in completely new worlds of aromas and colors. The non-alcoholic drink impresses with its delicate floral note and berry taste. The wild cherry blossom harmonizes perfectly with the gentle bitterness of the tonic. The delicate pink of the Cherry Blossom Tonic gives you creative scope for colorfully accentuated cocktails. In Japan, the cherry blossom symbolizes the new life and awakened nature in spring after the cold winter. At the same time it stands for pure beauty and transience.

With the Laori Juniper No 1 you can easily enjoy the Gin & Cherry Blossom Tonic alcohol-free and without a hangover. The ethereal spiciness of the Laori Juniper No 1, together with the floral sweetness of the wild cherry blossom, forms a harmonious interplay of aromas. The taste is rounded off by the slight bitterness of the quinine. The result is a unique taste experience with a dreamy pink color that is reminiscent of the annual sea of ​​colors at cherry blossom season in Japan.



Glass & Decoration

  • Tumbler glass and fresh cherries for decoration


  • Put ice cubes in the wine glass
  • Add Laori Juniper No 1 and Cherry Blossom Tonic and stir with a bar spoon
  • Garnish with fresh cherry. Enjoy!

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