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Article: What is non-alcoholic gin?

Was ist alkoholfreier Gin?

What is non-alcoholic gin?

What is non-alcoholic gin?

“Alcohol-free gin” is a drink that is very similar to regular gin but does not contain alcohol. It is made from the same ingredients as regular gin such as:b. Juniper berries, citrus fruits and herbs and imitates the delicious taste of the most popular spirit without the alcohol.

Why can't non-alcoholic gin be called that?

The term “alcohol-free gin” does not exist according to German food law. By law, gin is defined by its alcohol content. A conventional gin must be at least 37.Contain 5% alcohol to be called gin. Since “alcohol-free gin” does not contain alcohol, it cannot be called gin but is referred to as an alcohol-free alternative to gin. It has now become common practice to call alcohol-free alternatives to gin in short form “alcohol-free gin”.

What does non-alcoholic gin taste like?

The taste of non-alcoholic alternatives to gin is similar to that of alcoholic gin because the same herbs and spices are used. By avoiding alcohol, it doesn't have a pungent alcoholic taste.

How do you drink non-alcoholic gin?

Alcohol-free alternatives have been developed in such a way that they only develop their full taste in a drink. They are not intended for pure enjoyment. The classic that is recommended to try out non-alcoholic gin is the Gin & Tonic. In the same mixing ratio as a conventional gin, the non-alcoholic alternative is served over ice and poured with tonic water. Garnish with cucumber, lemon or rosemary to give it its full aroma. With non-alcoholic alternatives to gin, you can mix any gin-based cocktail and long drink alcohol-free. Other delicious drinks include Gin Basil Smash, Gin Fizz or Martini. Try new recipes with non-alcoholic alternatives to gin from Laori.

How is non-alcoholic gin made?

To date, 4 processes have been used to produce alcohol-free alternatives: dealcoholization, composition with flavors and innovative processes.

  1. Dealcoholization

During dealcoholization, an alcoholic gin is produced with the herbs and spices typical of gin, such as juniper, coriander and lemon, and the alcohol is removed. This process is known from the production of non-alcoholic beer.

  1. Distillation with water

When distilling with water, a gin is produced using the classic process. However, during distillation the alcohol is replaced by water. This process does not release enough aromas from the herbs for a fulfilling taste experience.

  1. Construction with artificial flavors

In this process, the taste is recreated with artificial flavors.

  1. Innovative processes

The area is constantly developing. As a result, new processes and ways are constantly emerging to create delicious gin alternatives without alcohol.

5 benefits of non-alcoholic gin?

Discover the benefits of non-alcoholic gin: taste, health, occasions and sustainability

Do you love the taste of gin but want to avoid the alcohol? Non-alcoholic alternatives to gin offer the perfect solution. With its unparalleled benefits, it is the best choice for anyone who values ​​taste, health, occasions and sustainability.

  1. Taste: Non-Alcoholic Alternative Gin offers the full taste of traditional gin, without the alcohol content. Try the classic Gin & Tonic or mix your own gin cocktail like Gin Basil Smash, Gin Fizz or Dry Martini.
  2. Health: Avoid empty calories and do not affect your performance the next day. Non-alcoholic gin is the healthier choice.
  3. Occasions: Whether it's a party with friends, a romantic evening or relaxing at home, non-alcoholic gin alternatives are the perfect choice for every occasion.
  4. Sustainability: In contrast to conventional spirits, fewer resources are used in the production of non-alcoholic spirits and less waste is created. Support the environment and enjoy your drink at the same time.
  5. Alternatives: Non-alcoholic alternatives to gin offer a healthy and tasty alternative for anyone who wants to avoid alcohol. Try the variety of non-alcoholic spirits now and discover your new favorite drink.