What are the differences between Alcohol Free and 0.0%?

Alcohol-free does not mean without alcohol

Alcohol-free does not necessarily mean that a drink is 100% alcohol-free. "What, there's a difference?". Yes, there is! The two terms alcohol-free and without alcohol are not synonymous in German food law.

This is how the terms alcohol-free and without alcohol differ

The definitions of terms are clearly regulated under German food law, but they have not yet arrived in common usage. The designations differ in the following detail:
  • A non-alcoholic drink can contain up to 0.5% alcohol by volume .
  • A drink without alcohol, on the other hand, guarantees that it contains no, i.e. 0.0 percent by volume, alcohol.

A ripe banana contains up to 0.6 percent alcohol by volume

"How? Is there alcohol in food too?” Yes, that's right! Due to natural fermentation processes, some foods contain small amounts of alcohol, such as apple and grape juice, kefir, ripe bananas or sourdough bread. For example, up to 1% alcohol is allowed in grape juice and a very ripe banana can develop up to 0.6% alcohol through fermentation. Only from 1.2% alcohol content does this have to be clearly labeled on food.

Another reason lies in the processes. In the production of non-alcoholic beer, an alcoholic beer is produced and the alcohol removed by dealcoholization. The process cannot currently remove all of the alcohol. Therefore there is a tolerance limit of up to 0.5% residual alcohol. 0.0% Alcohol-free products are a recent development made possible by technological advances. How and whether this will affect food labeling remains to be seen.

And what about Laori Juniper No. 1?

Laori Juniper No 1 is legally alcohol-free and contains less than 0.3% alcohol. Thanks to the innovative manufacturing process Laori is made completely without alcohol. For the final kick of freshness, we add some natural juniper flavoring that contributes to the unmistakable gin-y flavor and makes you forget you're holding a non-alcoholic drink.

What non-alcoholic cocktails can I make with Laori Juniper No 1 ?
The whole range of gin-based cocktails is at your disposal! In our online magazine Salon you will find all drink inspirations for non-alcoholic enjoyment without a hangover.