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Article: DARK & STORMY



Dark & ​​Stormy without a hangover? The Dark & ​​Stormy is one of the most popular drinks with dark rum. Classically, the Dark & ​​Stormy consists of rum, ginger beer and lime juice, which makes it super easy to mix. With Laori Spice No 2 you can easily enjoy the classic alcohol-free. Here the mild sweetness and spiciness of ginger meets velvety vanilla and deep oak notes of Spice No 2.

Did we make you thirsty? We'll show you how to mix an alcohol-free version of Dark & ​​Stormy with Laori Spice No 2.


  • 5 cl Laori Spice No 2
  • 150 ml ginger beer
  • Juice of half a lime
  • Ice cubes

Glass & Decoration

  • Tumbler glass and orange zest for decoration.


  • Fill glass with ice cubes
  • Pour in Laori Spice No 2 and ginger beer
  • Garnish with fresh orange zest. Enjoy!

Our special tip: If you pour it slowly over the bar spoon style, the carbonation will last longer!

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