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Drinkable gifts

Giving joy


Discover the world of Laori and give delicious drinks without the hangover the next day. The non-alcoholic alternatives to gin, rum and aperitif are the perfect gift for your customers, employees or partners. For that little bit extra, you can refine the Laori gift packaging with your logo and a personalized message.

(Personalization is possible from 30 pieces.)

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Awarded multiple times

Laori Ruby No 4

Spritz non-alcoholic

Laori Spice No 2

Oak meets vanilla

Laori Juniper No 1

Gin and tonic feeling without the hangover

Exclusive extras

The full program

Enjoyable drinks to toast immediately? No problem. Laori is perfect for mixing and we have a fine selection from tonic water to delicate glasses ready for you. This is how you give the perfect drinking experience to toast your shared successes.

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