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The production of spirits has been rethought for Laori. Our question was "How can an enjoyable drink be made without using alcohol in the process?" For Laori we have developed a new manufacturing process that is derived from French perfume distillation. The smell and taste of gin and rum is simulated in a natural way.


The botanicals are grown and freshly distilled in France. In the area around Berlin, they are mixed into Laori and refined in our secret process.


Only selected herbs and spices are used for Laori. Grown in Provence, France, they give Laori its unique flavor.


A food should be as natural as possible. We only use real herbs, spices and ingredients that we can pronounce and explain to you.


Herbs and spices are distilled individually and very gently with steam instead of alcohol. In this way, the individual needs of the botanicals can be addressed much better and the full aroma can be extracted from the herbs. The result is a unique taste that makes you forget that Laori is non-alcoholic.

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Einfach alkoholfrei genießen

Have it all: Juniper No 01 + Spice No 02, Ruby No 04