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Laori crowd investing

The tastiest investment of your life!

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Crowd investing

Invest in Laori

Crowdinvesting is a democratic way to invest your money wisely. Invest in Laori and become part of a movement for a new generation of drinks and ensure that together we can enjoy good non-alcoholic drinks everywhere. In this way, many people are helping to finance the next steps of growth with a small contribution

Check out our campaign page or find out how it works!

Our mission

5 reasons to invest in Laori

🍸 You help us make good non-alcoholic drinks available in stores everywhere.

🍸 You promote the development of the next drink innovations - non-alcoholic, of course.

🍸 You help ensure that
you can enjoy good non-alcoholic drinks in the bar you trust

🍸 You become part of the largest alcohol-free community in Germany.

🍸 You are investing in a world with better non-alcoholic drinks and with the chance to benefit financially yourself.

Invest now

Crowd investing

And this is how it works:

1. Register

Register at to invest directly.

2. Invest from €250

You can invest in Laori from €250 up to €25,000.

3. Become part of Laori

As an investor, you become part of the Laori success story.

An investment that appeals to everyone

Help us continue to write Laori's success story.

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Legal warning: The acquisition of this investment involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets. The promised yield is not guaranteed and may also be lower