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Dry February Weekender for Sweet Mice


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Perfect for mixing Italian Spritz with sparkling wine or tonic

Only 77 calories as a non-alcoholic spritz

Flavors of grapefruit, orange and gentian

What's the best way to start Dry January? With a delicious spritz. With Laori Ruby No 4 and Laori Sparkling Riesling you can mix an alcohol-free spritz that will make you oohhh and mhhh. Tastes like summer with notes of pink ruby ​​grapefruit, orange and Sicilian lemon. Herbs such as thyme and gentian give Laori Ruby No 4 its natural and fresh taste.

We developed Laori Ruby so that you can also mix it with tonic water if there is no sparkling wine in the house.

The set contains: Laori Ruby No 4 (0.5l) + Sparkling Riesling (0.75l)

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Dry February Weekender for Sweet Mice
Dry February Weekender for Sweet Mice Offer€30,80



Like the original

We give you the taste of your favorite drinks - non-alcoholic.

Without artificial flavors

We only put real herbs and spices in your drink.

No bullshit. Promised.

We don't use things that we can't pronounce or explain.



We have developed our own process specifically for the special Laori taste. The herbs and spices for this are grown in Provence in France and processed fresh from the field. Similar to French perfume distillation, the herbs are distilled individually and particularly gently with steam and mix your perfect drink in the Berlin area. This is how we get the maximum taste and conjure up the best taste experience for you.


The story


"It all started with the exclamation: "I just want Gin & Tonic without alcohol" when I stopped drinking alcohol 5 years ago. Without further ado, I started distilling in my own kitchen to develop my own solution. I now have We developed our own process and do it much more professionally, but still just as tasty." – Stella, founder of Laori

Over 95,000 satisfied customers

In the best company


Alcohol-free Spritz & More

Laori was developed for mixing. You can either mix it with tonic water or sparkling wine. Why? You don't always have good sparkling wine in the house or don't want to open a whole bottle. With a 0.2 tonic water you can mix two Laori drinks. Try it!

Ps Our founder Stella likes to mix a Laori Ruby Sour!



Mix it, baby!

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Laori Ruby Sour
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Laori Ruby Sour

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