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Mini tasting set - all varieties (0.05l)


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All three products at a special price! Laori Juniper No 1, Spice No 2 & Ruby No 4.

Laori Juniper No 1 is the alcohol-free alternative to gin. Fresh, delicious and natural, botanicals such as juniper, cardamom and rosemary give Laori No 1 its unique aroma that is reminiscent of gin. Its full aroma is best developed in a delicious drink like the Laori & Tonic.

Laori Spice No 2 is the alcohol-free alternative to rum. Here, mild spice meets velvety vanilla. Selected botanicals such as oak, coffee and pineapple give Laori No 2 a complex depth and its unique taste, which is reminiscent of rum. Its full aroma only develops in a good drink like the Dark & ​​Stormy with fresh lime.

Laori Ruby No 04 is an alcohol-free aperitif for a sparkling summer flair. The finest citrus fruits such as pink ruby ​​grapefruit, orange and Sicilian lemon give Laori Ruby No 4 its natural and fresh taste. Gentian, quassia and thyme round off the variety of aromas. Perfect for mixing adult summer drinks from sunset onwards.

Mini tasting set - all varieties (0.05l)
Mini tasting set - all varieties (0.05l) Offer€19,90


"Laori is our discovery of the year. We've already finished many bottles. Always delicious. And there's something about drinking a cool drink and still having a clear head keep." - Susanne


"I really like drinking gin and tonic, but not so often anymore because of the alcohol. I'm thrilled with Laori. It tastes sensationally good and very similar to gin and tonic!" - Laura


"Very tasty! Tastes like gin, only without the side effects of alcohol, which I don't tolerate well." - Maya

"The taste definitely stands up to a good alcoholic gin. You can treat yourself to two glasses at once. That was certainly not my (first) and last bottle of Laori." - Karina



A new manufacturing process was developed specifically for Laori, which is derived from French perfume distillation. The smell and taste of spirits is naturally recreated. Selected botanicals are distilled particularly gently with steam. The result is a taste that makes you forget that Laori is alcohol-free.



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