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Article: 5 reasons for an alcohol-free New Year's Eve

Hände halten Wunderkerzen an Silvester

5 reasons for an alcohol-free New Year's Eve

The year is coming to an end and we can hardly wait to welcome the new year. Bye crap year 2020 and hello 2021 – here’s to a better one.

New Year's Eve is a celebration of new beginnings - but also of alcohol! It flows in torrents and in the end you don't notice anything about the start of the new year. This is also shown by a study by the opinion research institute Insa. Here one in eight said they consumed more alcohol over the holidays and also liked to drink “to their thirst”.

So that this doesn't happen this year, today we'll show you five reasons why you should celebrate New Year's Eve without alcohol. With Laori Juniper No 1 that's no problem at all - because giving up alcohol doesn't mean giving up enjoyment!

1. Your new year starts off full of energy

Although we feel that alcohol helps us sleep, this is a persistent myth. The opposite is the case: it disrupts your sleep phases, which means you wake up the next morning neither mentally nor physically refreshed. This brings us to the next point: reduced energy! Alcohol not only deprives you of water, but also robs you of energy. If you stay alcohol-free on New Year's Eve, nothing will stand in the way of an energetic start to the new year!

2. Getting started with Dry January is easier

We all do it: make resolutions for the new year and hope we stick to them this time. A common New Year's resolution is to drink less alcohol. What's better than Dry January? If you stay alcohol-free on New Year's Eve, the start of Dry January will be a lot easier for you. So you're celebrating sober into dry January.

3. You (fondly) remember the start of the new year

It was a long night into the new year with a few too many glasses of champagne and the next morning the rude awakening: you have a film tear! It's never nice to wake up and have gaps in your memory. With non-alcoholic drinks, you'll be there for every round and remember the most beautiful moments the next morning! Another plus: you don't have to think about unpleasant things that happened the night before. Because sometimes it's worse when you can remember the night. So that you don't have to panic in the new year, try the non-alcoholic alternative.

4. You start the new year with radiant skin

Alcohol has a negative effect on the complexion. Dull skin and a puffy face are the result of too much alcohol. If you reach for a non-alcoholic drink, your mirror will show you a fresh and radiant complexion - and who doesn't want to start the new year looking radiant?

5. You are more emotionally stable

We often associate alcohol with a good mood and fun, but in the long run it depresses our mood. It influences processes in our brain and acts like a depressant sedative. So if you want to celebrate the New Year in a good mood, try alcohol-free!

Are you thirsty?

With us you will find numerous alcohol-free recipe ideas. For toasting, we recommend the French 75 with Laori Juniper No 1. You can find the recipe for the non-alcoholic champagne cocktail here.