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Article: 5 reasons why you should try Dry January

5 Gründe, warum du dich am Dry January versuchen solltest

5 reasons why you should try Dry January

In the last article we explained what Dry January is and where it comes from, today we'll show you 5 reasons why it's a good idea to enjoy alcohol-free for a month - if that wasn't already your New Year's resolution.

1. Your overall physical health will improve

Alcohol has a negative effect on all of our organs. Avoiding alcohol lowers your blood pressure and therefore the risk of cardiovascular disease. Your liver will thank you too. Regular alcohol consumption often leads to fatty liver disease or inflammation. An alcohol-free month according to the motto “Give your liver a break!” can therefore do no harm.

2. You will sleep better and be fitter

You may know that when you're drunk you feel like you're falling asleep more quickly. But be careful, alcohol does not improve your sleep. On the contrary: it disrupts your sleep phases, which means you wake up neither mentally nor physically refreshed the next morning. This brings us to the next point: reduced energy! Alcohol not only deprives you of water, but also robs you of energy. You've probably noticed it before: you wake up thirsty and completely lacking in energy. An alcohol-free month will help you start the new year more rested and productive.

3. Your skin will glow

We've just mentioned it: drinking alcohol deprives your body of water. This also affects your skin. Dull skin or a puffy face are the result of alcohol. Therefore, Dry January promotes radiant skin!   

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4. It helps you lose weight

Alcohol affects our weight in several ways. It's a real calorie bomb! One gram of pure alcohol contains 7 calories, which is 3 calories more than one gram of sugar contains. In addition, alcohol slows down your fat burning. But that's not all: even though alcohol is very high in calories, it doesn't make you feel full. This quickly leads to cravings and the bar evening often ends at the next snack bar around the corner. So if you've made a New Year's resolution to watch your weight, abstaining from alcohol will help you.

5. It will help you save

If you try to avoid alcohol for a month, you will save twice as much. Alcohol costs money! But there are also all the unnecessary things that you buy while intoxicated. Be it the fourth drink or the overpriced pizza because you get cravings. And no joke: Drunk shopping is a thing. There is a billion-dollar market for online shopping while intoxicated. In the US, for example, drunk shoppers spend almost $40 billion a year. The number is also high in Germany. So try alcohol-free in the new year.

Where can I get Laori Juniper No 1?

If you would like to try Dry January but don't have a Laori Juniper No 1 at home yet, you can find our shop here! In keeping with Dry January, we have put together 4 quick-to-prepare drinks for you. For the recipes this way.