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Article: Non-alcoholic martini cocktail

alkoholfreier Martini Drink mit Laori No 1

Non-alcoholic martini cocktail

When you think of a martini cocktail, the image that immediately comes to mind is James Bond standing casually at the bar and asking the question “shaken or stirred?” skillfully answered with “shaken”. Bond prefers to drink the iconic cocktail with vodka, although connoisseurs know that gin is used in a martini cocktail. The stirred version is also recommended, as shaking the cocktail loosens small pieces of ice and creates bubbles, which cloud the clarity of the martini cocktail.

In addition to gin, vermouth is also a classic. Of course, we prefer the non-alcoholic and stirred version: 6 parts of Laori Juniper No 1 and 2 parts of non-alcoholic vermouth are combined in a ratio of 6:2. We'll show you here how you can get your Martini happiness without a hangover the next morning.

Recipe non-alcoholic martini cocktail


Glass & Decoration

  • Martini glass and a green olive with a toothpick.


  • Pre-chill the martini glasses in the freezer.
  • Into a mixing glass, add the ice cubes, Laori Juniper No 1 and the non-alcoholic vermouth.
  • Stir all the ingredients with a long bar spoon for about a minute so that Laori No 1 and the vermouth combine with the ice cream.
  • Strain the drink into the pre-chilled martini glass.
  • The last step is to add the green olive to the glass. Enjoy!

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