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Laori Sparkling Rosé (0.75L)

Alkoholfreier Rosé Sekt

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Perfekt zum pur trinken oder zum Anstoßen

Fruchtig und mit Noten von Himbeeren und Brombeeren

Nur 24 Kalorien, ohne künstliche Aromen, vegan und regional aus Berlin

Fruity and wonderfully drinkable, the Laori Sparkling Rosé makes alcohol-free toasts even better. It's the non-alcoholic rosé sparkling wine that you buy for your pregnant friend and then drink yourself because it's so good. It is fruity and has notes of raspberries and blackberries. Connoisseurs would say that the grape's delicate notes of Merlot and Pinot Noir account for the balanced taste. We would say: delicious. Does he really have no alcohol? Absolutely. The perfect rosé sparkling wine for your girls night, as long as it lasts that long and you haven't drunk it alone beforehand.

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Laori Sparkling Rosé (0.75L)
Laori Sparkling Rosé (0.75L) Offer€13,90



Alkoholfreier Sekt schmeckt nicht? Das fanden wir auch immer. Deshalb haben wir uns auf die Suche nach dem Besten gemacht. Laori Sparkling Rosé ist ein alkoholfreier Sekt, der endlich mal schmeckt. Du willst was damit mixen? Rezeptinspiration findest du in unserem Salon.

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In our opinion, the champagne among the non-alcoholic bubbles, because together with one of the best wineries in Germany we have developed what we consider to be the best non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Grown in the beautiful vineyards in the Rheingau, we use vacuum distillation to remove the alcohol from the grapes in a particularly gentle way. This gives us the special wine taste and the fine, sparkling aroma of the grape. Laori Sparkling Rosé comes closest to the original.


The story


"It all started with the exclamation: "I just want Gin & Tonic without alcohol" when I stopped drinking alcohol 5 years ago. Without further ado, I started distilling in my own kitchen to develop my own solution. I now have We developed our own process and do it much more professionally, but still just as tasty." – Stella, founder of Laori


Mix it, baby!

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