These stars deliberately avoid alcohol

You'll never see these celebs stagger on the red carpet. They made a conscious decision not to drink alcohol – for various reasons. They get a big like from us. But who are these mindful drinking trendsetters and what can you learn from them? We'll tell you here.

Pamela Ripe

Ever thought during a Pamela Reif workout "Wow, how please does she do that?!"? This power is no accident. Pamela (24) is very careful about what she does for her body. In addition to many training sessions, which she carries out with admirable discipline, her healthy lifestyle also has an effect on her fitness. Pamela Reif relies on a healthy, mainly plant-based diet and does not drink alcohol, as reports. She used to drink when she went out, but decided that alcohol didn't fit into her life. As a fitness blogger, more than consistent and clever. Because even small amounts of alcohol are enough to slow down muscle building and athletic performance. Alcohol reduces the release of growth hormones, which are responsible for building muscle. In addition, a drink has a negative effect on sleep, which is valuable for muscle regeneration. In short: Sport and alcohol just don't go well together. After a strenuous workout, it's better to have a refreshing Laori & Juice, which even provides you with an extra portion of vitamins.

Klaas Heufer circulation

You probably know him from the TV. Maybe you also know the controversial performance at Circus HalliGalli, where he has to drink a shot with Joko and Matthias Schweighöfer for every laugh. Right, we're talking about Klaas Heufer circulation. Surprisingly, Klaas (37) only plays such drinking games in front of the camera. In his private life he keeps back with vodka and co. and deliberately avoids high-proof spirits, as reported by die “I simply appreciate the next day more than the respective night” is his plausible explanation. No wonder, Klaas has become an integral part of the media and therefore prefers to put his energy into ideas that make us laugh. His liver and we say "Thank you for that!". So if you're more of a day-active person who uses the day effectively with a clear head, do it like Klaas, drink a non-alcoholic drink more often *wink*. Here is the recipe for a classic Laori & Tonic, which will definitely bring you a good portion of fun. Incidentally, there was a rude awakening for the said merry episode just like for so many merry nights. The show was found to have been violated by the Commission for the Protection of Minors.

Diana the Lion

Diana zur Löwen (26) doesn't like to drink at all. Last week, the entrepreneur and influencer nailed it with a reel. When you go out and don't want to drink alcohol, you often find yourself in need of explanations and have the feeling that you have to justify yourself. In an interview, she also says that it is often not easy for her to tell people that she doesn't drink, because then many questions and / or comments follow.

It's easier for her when she's with friends who don't drink alcohol either, such as a friend with whom she trained for a marathon. She now stands behind that decision. Diana zur Löwen learned from this that she gets annoyed the next day when she wakes up with a hangover, because she allowed herself to be persuaded to drink a few glasses of wine. What can you take away from this? Stand behind your decision with confidence, even if it is sometimes difficult for you.You will be rewarded with a clear head the next day! It can also be made easier by a dry buddy who goes through a wild party evening with you sober and with whom you can toast with a delicious non-alcoholic drink. A Gin Basil Smash with is perfect for this Laori Juniper No. 1. Tastes super refreshing, looks good and is therefore your ideal party companion.

Riccardo Simonetti

All-rounder Riccardo Simonetti (27) is known as a moderator, author, model and entertainer for his extravagant and bold outfits. When it comes to drinks, he doesn't lean too far out of the window: according to, he also does without alcohol. Riccardo is in a good mood and has a certain amount of madness even when he is sober. That's why he doesn't mind if friends or guests are a bit drunk: "They become a little more like me and are on my level". Riccardo not only inspires you to lead a healthy lifestyle, he also encourages his own Doing something, being self-confident and he's bursting with energy and joie de vivre. Memo to ourselves: you can have a good mood, fun and a certain degree of craziness without alcohol. We definitely recommend Ricardo a French 75 with Laori Juniper No 1 A non-alcoholic champagne drink that exudes glamor and glitter.

By the way, the VIP list with friends of non-alcoholic drinks is long: Farin Urlaub, Jan Böhmermann, Cathy Hummels and various professional athletes can be found on it . So there are enough positive examples from which we can learn something. And one thing is certain: there is certainly the right Laori drink for everyone.

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