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Laori Spice No 02 (0.5l)

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Perfekt zum Mixen von Virgin Rum Cola oder Dark & Stormy

Geschmack von Eichenholz, Vanille und Karamell

Ohne künstliche Aromen und Zucker

Laori Spice No 2 is the alcohol-free alternative to rum. Mild spice meets velvety vanilla. Selected botanicals such as oak, pineapple and coffee give Laori No 2 a complex depth and its unique taste, which is reminiscent of rum. Its full aroma only develops in a delicious drink like the Dark and Stormy with fresh lime. Get inspired by other recipes here.

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Laori Spice No 02 (0.5l)
Laori Spice No 02 (0.5l) Offer€19,90 Regular price€24,90

Mix it, baby!

Perfect for rum drinks

You can mix the perfect rum cocktail with Laori Spice No 2. From Rum Cola to Dark & ​​Stormy, you can mix any rum-based cocktail and long drink with Laori Spice No 2 alcohol-free. Our favorite drink is a Dark & ​​Stormy with ginger beer and a squeeze of fresh lime. You can find more recipes in our magazine.


"We've already drunk a lot of bottles. There's something about having a nice drink and still keeping a clear head." -Tom


"The rum alternative is really good. With ginger beer and fresh lime it's a dream. Really tasty." - Karina

"I have to say it was a dream! I haven't had something this good for a long time. For me, Laori is the best alternative to treating yourself to a delicious drink!" - Sophie

Sustainable &

Lovingly handmade

For the unique taste of Laori Spice No 2, 12 selected herbs and spices such as oak, vanilla and pineapple are individually gently distilled with steam. Inspired by French perfume distillation, the fine composition of botanicals naturally recreates the smell and taste of a spiced rum. The result is a taste that makes you forget that Laori No 2 is alcohol-free.


The story


I stopped drinking alcohol 5 years ago because I was becoming less and less able to tolerate it. Suddenly I no longer had good drinks when going out and at parties. The alternatives were too sweet and boring for me with sodas, non-alcoholic juice cocktails and water. “I just want a gin & tonic without alcohol,” I exclaimed. The idea stuck with me and we developed the delicious Laori drinks.

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Recipe ideas

Mix it, Baby!



Fresh mint meets champagne. In Old Cuban, the gentle vanilla notes of Laori Spice No 02 make the noble drink non-alcoholic.

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Sparkling lime meets the spicy vanilla notes of Laori Spice No 02. You can easily mix the quick drink with rum without alcohol using Spice No 02.

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Dark & ​​Stormy without a hangover? With Laori Spice No 02 you can easily enjoy the spicy classic without alcohol. Mix one and enjoy!

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