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Was bringt ein Monat alkoholfrei überhaupt Text auf Tafel

Dry January - What's the point of a month without alcohol?

Was bringt ein Monat alkoholfrei überhaupt Text auf Tafel

Dry January - What's the point of a month without alcohol?

Do you want to try Dry January and give up alcohol for a month? You're wondering, what's in it for you if you go alcohol-free for a month? What effects can you expect within a month? Is that enough...

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Alkoholfrei vs. ohne Alkohol

What are the differences between alcohol-free and 0.0%?

Alcohol-free does not mean no alcohol Alcohol-free does not mean that a drink is 100% free of alcohol. “What, is there a difference?”.Yes, there is! The two terms alcohol-free and without alcoh...

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zwei leere Gläser

What is Dry January?

Where does Dry January come from? What are the reasons for participating in Dry January? Does participating in Dry January mean that you have to forgo enjoyment? The New Year is just around the c...

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5 Gründe für Dry January

5 Positive Benefits of Dry January

Why is it a good idea to go alcohol-free for a month? We give you five positive benefits for you and your well-being, why Dry January is a good idea. 1. Increased physical health 🏃‍♀️ Alcohol has ...

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Hände halten Wunderkerzen an Silvester

5 reasons for an alcohol-free New Year's Eve

The year is coming to an end and we can hardly wait to welcome the new year. Bye crap year 2020 and hello 2021 – here’s to a better one. New Year's Eve is a celebration of new beginnings - but als...

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Mikrophon und Hände auf Tastatur

5 podcasts to get through Dry January

Dry January has been running for over a week now and we know that from now on it will become increasingly difficult to stick to your set goals. To help you get through Dry January, today we are int...

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Hand schreibt Neujahrsvorsätze

Goal setting and New Year's resolutions

It's the same every year: We set New Year's goals that are forgotten by February at the latest. Be it drinking less or no alcohol at all, for example during Dry January, eating healthier or becomin...

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Die Gründerstory: Warum macht man eine alkoholfreie Alternative zu Gin?

The founder story: Why do you make an alcohol-free alternative to gin?

The crazy idea without liquor “How did you come up with the idea of ​​developing an alcohol-free alternative to gin?” This is probably the most common question we get asked and we'll answer it for ...

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Bar am Steinplatz - Interview mit Barchef Willi Bittorf

Bar am Steinplatz - Interview with bar manager Willi Bittorf

“If someone had told me a few years ago that my first menu was completely alcohol-free, I would have flipped them the bird”. Instead, Willi prefers to show the non-alcoholic menu, or rather the sma...

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Influencerin Toyah Diebel liegt auf einer Couch mit Drink

“Alcohol-free for president” - Interview with Toyah Diebel

“Alcohol is just not cool,” states Toyah Diebel bluntly. Toyah has held this belief since November 2018. At that time she was suffering from her last hangover and since then she “didn’t feel like b...

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