11 things that are more fun than drinking alcohol

A nice evening with friends and a glass of wine, a cool beer after work or just the usual drink on the sofa - for many, alcohol is part of their leisure time. Those who want to reduce or stop drinking alcohol must create pleasant and positive leisure experiences without alcohol.

1. Just go (with friends) excited

Fresh air is good for body and soul! It helps reduce your stress levels, improves your mood, improves your concentration and ensures a good night's sleep. Do the benefits sound familiar to you? In fact, the positive effects are similar to those of abstaining from alcohol. So why not both in combination!? Try it!

2. Sports, sports, sports

Sport is not only a good distraction, it also promotes your physical well-being. When you are physically active, you feel more energetic and fitter! It also helps you stay active and stay away from alcohol. Sport is THE energy booster! And with Laori you can reward yourself after your workout – alcohol-free and sugar-free, of course. What else is stopping you?

3. Read our magazine

In our Salon - the magazine for drinking culture we clarify all sorts of things related to alcohol. What arethe advantages of alcohol-free? What are the delicious drink recipes? What good does alcohol-free bring me? You can find the answers to these and other questions in our magazine!

4. Watch the documentary: "The Global Intoxication"

Alcohol is the most widespread legal drug worldwide and entire industries benefit from the stimulant. The film shows who benefits from the intoxicating drink business. He also talks about the current changes in consumer behavior and the longing for the alcohol-induced intoxication that is firmly established in society. So it's worth a look!

5. Improve cooking and baking skills

Personen kochen mit frischem Obst und Gemüse

Perhaps you are not gifted with the best baking and cooking skills. Or you are already an absolute kitchen ace, but just want to test something new. No matter how, instead of drinking alcohol, you can try new and delicious recipes! How about, for example, trying out vegan dishes and pastries to go with the Veganuary?

6. Beautify the apartment

Tidy up the apartment, clear out the cupboards that are far too full or set up the decorations you bought months ago. No matter what, you always have something to do within your own four walls. Instead of resorting to alcoholic drinks, you can attack the housing projects you envisioned months ago. We say: Let's go!

7. Discover the creative side

The saved handicraft instructions here, the DIY jewelry set there and then there's the table that you've been wanting to give a new coat of paint for a long time. You finally have time for that! For example, how about reusing your empty Laori No 1 bottle for crafting? There are no limits to your creativity.

8. try non-alcoholic drinks

We keep preaching that without alcohol does not mean without enjoyment! In our Salon you will find delicious recipes for non-alcoholic drinks. How about, for example, non-alcoholic gin sour?

9.Use meditation to relax

Meditation is mental training with impressive effectiveness. The word comes from Latin and means something like thinking and considering. Through meditation you can reduce your stress level, increase your concentration and boost your self-confidence. Alcohol-free and meditation is therefore an unbeatable combination!

10. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts have become indispensable these days. They are available on all sorts of topics and in different lengths. So everyone will find something! If you're not quite sure what podcasts to listen to, we have here 5 podcasts themed around alcohol-free that will help you get through Dry January.

11. Mindful Me-Time

Just take a bath or have a hot shower and pamper your body. This works best in relaxed light. Light a few candles, preferably scented candles, and give your body the break it deserves. How about a non-alcoholic drink while you relax in the tub? The Laori Cherry Blossom Tonic is very suitable for this, as it is quick to prepare and at the same time is something for the eye with its pink color!

Where do you get your Laori Juniper No 1?

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