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Fruity and wonderfully drinkable, the Laori Sparkling Rosé makes alcohol-free toasts even better. Here in a value set of 3, so that your dinner party is saved.

Fruity and wonderfully drinkable, the Laori Sparkling Rosé now makes alcohol-free toasts even better. It's the non-alcoholic rosé sparkling wine that you buy for your pregnant friend and then drink yourself because it's so good. It is fruity and has notes of raspberries and blackberries. Connoisseurs would say that the grape's delicate notes of Merlot and Pinot Noir account for the balanced taste. We would say: delicious. Does he really have no alcohol? Absolutely. The perfect rosé sparkling wine for your girls night, if it lasts that long and you haven't drunk it alone beforehand.

HAVE IT ALL: 3X LAORI SPARKLING Rosé (0.75L) - VALUE SET Offer€39,90 Regular price€41,70

Mix it, baby!

Perfect to enjoy

Non-alcoholic sparkling wine doesn't taste good? We always found that too. That's why we started looking for the best. Laori Sparkling Rosé is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine that finally tastes good. Do you want to mix something with it? You can find recipe inspiration in our salon.


"Laori Rosé is really a highlight. I was pleasantly surprised by its fruity taste and refreshing effervescence. Ideal if you want to enjoy something without alcohol." - Leonie


Laori Rosé sparkling wine completely blew me away and really surprised me. It tastes super fruity and refreshing, and all without alcohol. I can only recommend him." - Madlen


"The non-alcoholic Rosé sparkling wine completely convinced me! Its fruity taste is refreshing and exciting without alcohol." - Susanne

Die Story


As I became less and less able to tolerate alcohol, I wanted to stop drinking. Suddenly I no longer had good drinks when going out, celebrating and having dinner parties with friends. The alternatives with sodas, non-alcoholic juice cocktails and water were too sweet and far too boring for me. I wanted drinks for adult tastes. With Laori Sparkling we have released a non-alcoholic sparkling wine that finally tastes good. With which you can toast the special moments and enjoy a really delicious spritz - alcohol-free of course.

Stella, founder of Laori

Excellent taste

Sustainable &


Together with one of the best wineries in Germany, we have developed the perfect alcohol-free Rosé sparkling wine. The beautiful vineyards in the Rheingau give the grapes their fruity aromas and the particularly gentle processing gives us the special taste. Laori Sparkling Riesling contains no residual alcohol and is a 0.0 product.

Perfect Serve

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