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Laori Ruby Tonic

Laori Ruby Tonic

Laori Ruby Tonic

Laori Ruby Tonic

Light and quick summer aperitif without non-alcoholic sparkling wine? Laori Ruby Tonic is the perfect mix. This is how the recipe works: 5cl Laori Ruby No 04 Pour in tonic water Serve over ice a...

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Alkoholfreie Aperol Sour - mit Laori Ruby No 4

Non-alcoholic Aperol Sour - with Laori Ruby No 4

Did you know that you can mix a perfect sour with Aperol? One of our favorite drinks for years. Unfortunately, this no longer applies as alcohol consumption decreases. With Laori Ruby No 4 you can...

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Gin Sour alkoholfrei mit Laori Juniper No 1

Laori Sour - enjoy the gin classic alcohol-free

What is a Gin Sour? What does a Laori sour taste like? How is a gin sour - alcohol-free mixed? Do you mix a Laori Sour with or without protein? Which Laori Sour Twists should you know? What is a ...

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Honig Lavendel Sour mit Honiglöffel und Zitrone

Honey Lavender Sour – enjoy alcohol-free with Laori No 1

The Honey Lavender Sour is a variation of the Gin Sour and is based on the mixture of spirit, sweetness and acidity. In our case alcohol-free with Laori Juniper No 1, honey and lemon juice. A well-...

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Hugo alkoholfrei mit Laori Juniper No 1

Non-alcoholic Hugo cocktail - easy to prepare with Laori No 1

The Hugo is one of the most popular and well-known drinks. Similar to the Aperol Spritz, the Hugo is also associated with warm summer nights. Floral sweetness meets sparkling sparkling wine and fru...

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alkoholfreier Negroni mit Laori Juniper No 1

Non-alcoholic Negroni with Laori

What is a Negroni? What does a non-alcoholic Negroni taste like? How do you mix a non-alcoholic Negroni? When do you drink a Negroni? What does “Finger Stirred Negroni” mean? What is a Negroni? Y...

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Hände halten Wunderkerzen an Silvester

5 reasons for an alcohol-free New Year's Eve

The year is coming to an end and we can hardly wait to welcome the new year. Bye crap year 2020 and hello 2021 – here’s to a better one. New Year's Eve is a celebration of new beginnings - but als...

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Mikrophon und Hände auf Tastatur

5 podcasts to get through Dry January

Dry January has been running for over a week now and we know that from now on it will become increasingly difficult to stick to your set goals. To help you get through Dry January, today we are int...

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Hand schreibt Neujahrsvorsätze

Goal setting and New Year's resolutions

It's the same every year: We set New Year's goals that are forgotten by February at the latest. Be it drinking less or no alcohol at all, for example during Dry January, eating healthier or becomin...

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Alkoholfreie Drinks für Weihnachten

Top 5 non-alcoholic drinks for the Christmas holidays

Christmas is just around the corner and we know it: the festival of reflection quickly turns into the festival of mindless drinking. If you want to celebrate the holidays without alcohol, you will ...

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